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My name is Kyle Ross and I created Oribi Digital to provide expert SEO consultancy solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses in the UK. Discover more about how organic search (SEO) can bring a new wave of customers for your business, when done correctly.

SEO Consulting

From technical SEO to on-page, off-page and content marketing, I can advise on the best strategy for your business. This could be fixing a specific area of these or a full, bespoke SEO action plan.

Digital Strategy

Unlocking your business’ potential online may mean a multi-channel approach. I provide bespoke digital strategising to discover the best solution for you. Every business is different – so should your digital strategy.

SEO Training

I specialise in-depth training for businesses looking to develop their own SEO understanding and expertise. This allows you to improve and control your own SEO performance in the long-run.

Why should businesses invest in SEO?

SEO is essential for businesses now, as so much brand and service discovery is now done through search engines. That means ensuring you appear for keyword terms that are relevant to your business. For this to work, your website needs to be well-optimised technically, provide exceptional content that is valuable to your customers or users, and be authoritative. With Oribi’s specialist SEO services, all of this can be achieved to make sure that your presence online grows and you have a strong platform for future improvement.

How does SEO work?

SEO (search engine optimisation), otherwise known as organic search or natural search, is the process of optimising your webpages so that they appear highly in search engines results (Google, for example). By optimising your website in certain ways, this allows your pages to appear highly for key phrases (keywords) relevant to them that people search for. When a user types their query into the search engine, we want your page to appear near the top of results as possible, in order for them to navigate to your website and engage with your services.

There are effectively 4 pillars of SEO: technical, on-page, off-page and content. `It’s essential that each business considers each of these pillars, optimises their website as they as they can for each, and track the performance to see where the improvements appear, so that further improvements can be made. Building on successes is important in this industry, as well as finding the areas of weakness and improving these.

SEO Consultant Services in the UK

If you are a small to medium sized business looking for expert search engine optimisation advice and strategy, then employing an agency (especially from large cities like London or Birmingham) can be extremely costly. These agencies may not be able to provide the bespoke attention that your website needs, giving less focus than is desired. With an SEO consultant like myself, you have a much more cost-effective option, while still employing the expertise of agency.

From my experience of working in agencies, there simply isn’t enough time to completely focus on one business to deliver the results they need. This led me to SEO consulting and freelance work, as I could deep-dive to learn more about how the businesses operate. This in turn allows me to prepare and deliver your SEO strategies with perfect execution. Overall, the results speak for themselves. More planning and focus means better strategy and sales/results off the back of this. Businesses across the UK should consider SEO consultant services like those of Oribi Digital for this reason.

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