SEO Consulting

From my 5+ years experience in the digital industry, I’ve observed that many small to medium sized businesses aren’t fully aware of the potential of SEO, nor do they know exactly how to apply knowledge into working practices for their business. This is where I want to make a difference.

My expertise working across a range of businesses in different sectors has given me in-depth understanding of SEO practices, while my pragmatic approach means I can help you incorporate these SEO practices into your larger business strategy and turn this into a fundamental marketing area for you.

If you are a SME and seeking specialist SEO advice and consultation services, my experience and practical approach will mean you get results quickly. Below are the pillars of SEO that you need to consider optimising for your website.

Technical SEO

This is the foundation on which all SEO work should be based. Improving your website’s technical performance is essential – this involves ensuring that all relevant pages are able to be crawled by search engines, that they are indexable (able to be found by users in search results) and general aspects like site speed and internal linking are as good as they can be.

On-Page SEO

This applies to everything on your webpage, firstly ensuring that keyword research has been done and meta data written to best reflect what the pages are offering. We want to ensure that H1s, copy on the page, images and more are optimised to reinforce the page’s relevance to the topic that it is targeting.

Off-Page SEO

Still one of the most important factors in SEO is link-building, which effectively helps to improve the authority of the website when done correctly. We want to ensure a proper link-building strategy is employed for businesses, targeting relevant sites with sound technical metrics so that maximum authority can pass to our website, and boost our SEO overall.

Content Marketing

Producing meaningful content for your potential customers is essential to keep them engaged and aware of your products/services. It can also help drive new customers and make people more aware of the brand overall, so it’s certainly an area that must be strategised. Knowing whether you need hub, hygiene or hero content into your strategy is important.

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